Assistance for Migrants

Visa2work Consultants having representatives in Perth, Sydney, London, Cork and Toronto will help you with settlement service.  We have partnered with several settlement, relocation and recruitment search firms in Australia, UK, Ireland and Canada to provide temporary jobs for migrants moving from India. These associated services include short-term accommodation, airport pick up, utilities connection (eg. Telephone/Foxtel, water, gas electricity and Internet), Education (eg. school search for kids), Language training, Spouse employment assistance and help with government registration

DO’s and DONT’s

It is never easy searching for a job from India. Here is a summary of the do’s and don’ts for overseas job seekers in the Australian or Canadian employment market.

Visit various Australia or Canada job websites BEFORE deciding to emigrate, to see whether job opportunities exist in your field.Apply for job vacancies or visit Australia or Canada for job interviews more than 1 – 12 weeks away from a possible start date. Employers may not be interested.
Check eligibility and, where possible, apply for your permanent residence visas. This is very important as prospective employers will ask about your immigration
status and being knowledgeable about the application process is a prerequisite for many Australian or Canadian job vacancies.
Expect all processes to work like your home country. Be flexible and willing to fit in with local etiquette.
Start applying for advertised job vacancies from OVERSEAS, however only 1 to 12 weeks before a possible start date or visit to Australia or Canada.Expect a job at the same level or higher than you had overseas. You may lack local knowledge and may need to take a step back in order to advance later.
Send an introduction letter of application and C.V. to EVERY potential employer and recruitment agent in the region of Australia or Canada you intend settling in,
to let them know that you are available. Use Yellow Pages Australia or
Yellow Pages Canada
Do not negotiate much on salary, there are standard salaries offered. The cost of living and income tax rates are lower in Australia and Canada than some other western
developed nations, so refer to your NET INCOME, not the gross amount.
Research and prepare your C.V. in the standard Australia or Canada C.V style and write a short but clear covering letter indicating your visa status.Expect a job offer in the first week. On average, it can take local residents in Australia or Canada one to eight weeks or longer, to find a new job.
Provide an Australian or Canadian postal address, mobile or email address in your C.V. where possible.Don’t “over negotiate” the contract with your first employer. Be flexible and understand that employment law and contract terms may differ in Australia or Canada
Let employers know you are available for Skype or face-to-face interviews.
Make a positive impression in the interview, be flexible and have copies of your residence visas and references available for employers to see.